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According to the importance of fruit lasting for sale agents. Dealers and also for attracting costumers trust and satisfaction,correct and desired fruit taking has high importance, so observe following points in fruit taking is necessary.

1) Fruit taking by special scissors which the bottom of it is crooked for collecting tangerine and orange.

2) The bottom of the fruit should be cut because if not it would damage it during washing and sorting.

3) Fruits should be pick tranquilingly and the basket should be near of the worker.

4) Fruit should be picked when the lactose and acids ratio is enough and the fruits color is suitable for collecting.

5) On long legged trees, ladder is used for preventing of dropping and stroking.

6) Carrying the fruit from garden to the sorting should happen very calmly to avoid injury.

7) Collecting fruits before ripening happen for avoiding from being green and also for artificial tunings that this process is done for orange.