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After carrying products in to the barn, suitable and desired packing action will done.

These actions are:

A) Washing section

First fruits enter the washing bathtub which is full of water for cleaning its surface and then enter the system.

Then fruits are coming on the rollicks and on a part which has a lot of nasal sparking water take place. This action followed by propeller fans. In this part water of the fruits will decreased and almost they become dry.

After fruits became completely sparkling water and clean, in control unit, defective fruits would separated from the good ones.

Then fruits will enter a unit which has cleaning brushes with propeller fans for getting their water and wetness.

B) Primary blithering section:

In this section fruit enter the tunnel to get its all wetness and it would be ready for waxing. Tunnels temperature would be adjustable for all kinds of fruits.

C) Wax section:

In this part, fruit which lose its all wetness would cover by polishing wax to increase its keeping and lasting.

D) Secondary blithering section:

Waxed fruits are getting in to a tunnel with warm wind in order to lose their wetness that after coming out of it they are completely dry.

E) Sizing section:

In this units are putting on a sorting and by a special worker separating take place.

After classification of fruits, by paying attention to the markets needs and requests with different size of 4_6_8 and 10 kilo they would be in basket, box or cartoon and by truck they would be send in to the market.