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Quality and quantity estimation process accomplish in company's laboratory and they are as follow:

. Polling: this action will happen randomly among all garden's tree from all 4 sides of the tree that at last 10 fruits would be selected. (Fruits should be ripening)

. Then weight, diagonal and height estimation will have done. Diagonal and height with caliper and fruit's weight by scale at gram would be measured.

. Specification of juice mass: after squeezing, at last total juice mass in wight at cc would be represent.

. Lactose estimation: the amount of solid substance which is solvable in fruits (bricks) would be estimated by (refrektometer), from those juices which were leached.

. Fruits acid estimation: it would be estimator according to the disposability benefit.

. Lactose estimation toward acid.

In this step lactose ration toward acid which shows fruits quality would be estimated.