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By first reports which were based upon the spread of Tristisa on 1370s, Fajre sari horticultural company tried to make the commercial kinds for tiny grafting resources healthy. According to this problem, there was an agreement with botanical unit in Mazandaran University for producing. Ansu Migava tangerine and Thomson navel orange which have good marketing by micro shoot tip grafting. With this method 100 shoots of two mentioned kinds, produced and in a two years period quarantine and doing necessary tests, provided for the company.

For keeping those shoot, a glass greenhouse with 500 square meters established on 1378. On 78 to 80 a few shoots increased.

Also for providing enough tiny grafting, among breeches in the garden, some trees which were healthy and on the basis of observations and Eliza and Stubborn test recognized. On this purpose on 1380, 000 shoots of mentioned kinds and also Italian and Sangin orange for planting in company's gardens produced.

On 80 and 81 this company started to import 15 commercial kinds which are famous in Spain and we didn't have them in the country.

After the victory of Islamic revolution these kinds by gel ting the health certificate from country of origin and under the mentioned organizations control for the first time some tiny grafting (too tiny grafting from each kind) imported to the country and for 2 years the kept in quarantine condition and after all indexes and necessary tests which were taken by botanical unit of Mazandaran university and plant protection organization and issuance certificate of health, has got the permission for increasing and provide the possibility of shoot production.


On 1381 the screen house with the Spain's agricultural research centers standards and getting the confirmation from plant protection organization established for the first time in the country on production unit of Fajre Sari Company. The space of this part is 250 square meters which allocated for keeping the tiny grafting resource. Also on 1382 mentioned greenhouses area increased to 3000 square meter.

These greenhouses built like a tunnel with 4.5 meter height with the triplet style.