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Quality Policy

Quality Policy 

Fajr-Sari agriculture and gardening companies in production and is active in the field of horticultural products and the company to improve quality and gain increased customer satisfaction, based on its quality management system standard iso 9001 - 2008 and designed and deployed the following epigraph its activities are placed. 

1) improve sustainable Mstmrv Drsystm quality management in all activities toward an increase in customer satisfaction 

2) planning and training needs and motivation necessary for all employees who are the main investment company. 

3) production of organic products with good quality and economic figures and marketable. 

4) attention to health and the environment to achieve world standards of quality and efficiency of production and other related issues. 

I, as CEO of agriculture and horticulture Fajr Sari I expect that all partners participate in achieving the above objectives and should help to follow up this issue requires management representative who wish to design the necessary follow-up, deployment, maintenance and development of quality management system cooperation with experts and other personnel managers they done. 

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