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Quality Goals

Company's long period goals

These goals are as follow:

. Increase in beneficial and incoming stocks

. Using big changes in company and regions horticultural by replacing the best kinds which are in the world and use of modern and recent scientific findings.





 Company's strategy:

These strategies are:

. Development of foundational investing

. Improvement of personnel's professional and scientific knowledge

. Importance of researching section specially application research.

. Having variation and producing different kinds and these which have good marketing.

. Exporting development

Company's middle period policies

These policies are:

. Increasing production quality and decreasing the total price

. Systematizing (measuring workers revenue and planning a system to encouragement and punishment of personnel's in order to increase the revenue)

. Optimized use of venoms and performing collated pests management.

. Optimization use of fertilizer.

. Identifying unborn assets and gradual omission it.

. Active investment through bank system or internal sources.