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Abaute Fajre Sari

Fajre sari horticultural company is one of those companies which are dependent to agricultural and animal husbandry of Mostazafan foundation of Islamic revolution. This organization on 1378 with cooperation of botany unit in Mazandaran agricultural college with the god of restoration, keeping and improving the quality and quantity of citrus fruits established. In a national action for the purpose of (creating healthy and devoid of disease gardens) take an action regarding to making two different kinds of Thomson navel and Ansu Migava healthy (which is ripening early) by micro shoot tip grafting the bottom of thicket (S.T.G) as a small healthy grafting and without virus and virus likeness.

This company with 52 hectare surface of citreous fruits gardens and annually production of 10000 ton, is an important focus of citreous production in north of the country.

Production in this complex accepted, with the importance of different citreous, such as orange and tangerine and peach, nectarine, kiwi and citreous twig are considered as their other products. This company started to import 14 commercial and demanded kinds from Spain on 1380 which were under the control of country and provinces. Plants protection organization and observing all hygienic points. After 2 years quarantine and necessary indexes, they were allowed to release and increase. And now they scatter for use of gardeners after doing contrasting tests in an area which is away from rector insects. The central office of this company is located in sari and 6 productive offices are in sari too and one office is in Babol. .

Fajre sari company's advantages and properties:

1) High quality production which has good marketing with observing nourishment roots and immediate action against pests and disease and also good marketing production which is suitable to export.

2) Having close scientific relation with local and foreign researching centers and colleges. Continuous study on best commercial kinds. Armed with latest information about modern horticultural methods and hopeful in creating an evolution in region horticulture by entering new kinds.